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News Releases

37185 Gloves

NEW Convenient 5-Pack Multi-Task Grip Gloves (37185)

These foam nitrile gloves with a polyester shell last 4X longer than the average leather work glove. The foam nitrile coating is flexible, offers high abrasion resistance, and provides extra grip. The polyester shell is lightweight and breathable,…
KS993KOAB Gloves

How to Choose Gloves to Protect Against Arc Flash

How to Choose Gloves To Protect Against Arc Flash By Amanda Green, Product Development Manager at West Chester Protective Gear There are a lot of misconceptions about arc flash, starting with what it actually is. It is not a flash of light,…
710HGUB Gloves

NEW All-Purpose R2 Cut- and Impact-Resistant Gloves are a Sleek Fit (710HGUB)

These gloves are so sleek and comfortable that everyone will want them. The low-profile TPR is so flexible and supple that you’ll forget it’s there – until you need the back-of-hand protection. The HPPE blended shell provides a high…
Deloitte 100

West Chester Ranks in Top 100 Cincinnati Companies

West Chester Protective Gear is proud to rank among the top 100 privately held firms in Cincinnati, according to the Deloitte Cincinnati 100. 2016 marks our 16th year running on that elite list. We ranked at No. 58. Click here to see the complete…
6100 Video

Video: NEW Revolutionary TIG Welding Glove (6100)

Our "next generation" TIG welding glove provides comfort and touch from out of this world. It's the only glove that you will need all day, because you can weld in it, move metals with it and do just about anything else. Our knitted shell is…
713DGU Gloves

NEW Barracuda A4 Cut-Resistant Glove (713DGU)

This is a comfortable glove with heavy duty protection. The HPPE blended shell provides ANSI A4 cut protection, and the lightweight polyurethane is so durable that it offers ANSI Abrasion 6 protection. As an added bonus, the speckled gray shell…

Silicone Palm TIG Glove Welding Glove from West Chester Ironcat Poised to Revolutionize Hand Protection

Silicone Palm TIG Glove Welding Glove from West Chester Ironcat Poised to Revolutionize Hand Protection - Glove will debut at the Fabtech Show November 16 in Las Vegas For years, welders have used leather gloves to protect their hands…
HVY715YNF Gloves

NEW Hi-Vis Microfoam Coating on a Hi-Vis Breathable Shell (HVY715YNF)

High visibility shell and palm coating make these gloves showstoppers. It's the improved Microfoam Air Nitrile that steals the show, providing longer lasting and better grip in both wet and oily conditions and improved resistance to abrasio…

NEW R2 Reinforced Comfort Impact Glove (87811)

The R2 Reinforced Comfort Impact winter glove is a high-dexterity glove that packs a lot of features at a reasonable price. This glove features TPR along the full length of the fingers as well as on the knuckles and back of hand for protection…
997KBC Gloves

NEW Leather Driver with Hi-Vis Impact Protection (997KBC)

The first of its kind, this innovative glove combines the traditional comfort and durability of a leather driver with heavy duty TPR on the back of hand for added protection against pinches and crushes. The TPR is hi-vis green to give added…
KS993KOA Gloves

NEW Cut-Resistant Goatskin Driver with Liquid Protection and Arc Flash 4

Our cut-resistant Goatskin Driver with Liquid Protection is ideal for tough jobs in wet and greasy situations. Goatskin is naturally soft, luxurious leather known for high resistance to abrasion and puncture, and also highly flexible and…
ansi changes

Newly Updated Cut Scores

We have just received the updated ANSI Cut scores on some of our gloves. Take a look.