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News Releases

KS993KOA Gloves

NEW Cut-Resistant Goatskin Driver with Liquid Protection and Arc Flash 4

Our cut-resistant Goatskin Driver with Liquid Protection is ideal for tough jobs in wet and greasy situations. Goatskin is naturally soft, luxurious leather known for high resistance to abrasion and puncture, and also highly flexible and…
ansi changes

Newly Updated Cut Scores

We have just received the updated ANSI Cut scores on some of our gloves. Take a look.
713hgwfn gloves

NEW Barracuda Black Foam Nitrile Palm (713HGWFN)

Now introducing the Barracuda Black Foam Nitrile Palm glove. This glove features the same super comfortable cut-resistant shell that you have come to love on the Barracuda 713HGWU, now available with a foam nitrile dip to help you maintain grip…
KS992K Gloves

Check out our new Cut-Resistant Leather Driver with Arc Flash (KS992K)

This glove is made from premium grain cow leather for heavy duty comfort and protection.  The para-aramid liner provides ANSI cut 4 protection.  Rated for the HIGHEST level 4 protection against arc flash.
86560 Gloves

NEW! Heat and Cut Resistant Goatskin Drivers (86560)

These heavy duty grain goatskin drivers are fully Kevlar lined for protection against cut and heat.  Nomex® on the back of hand provides flame resistance.  The goatskin leather is naturally soft and resistant to abrasion and puncture.  Added…
ASSE Booth

Visit our Booth at ASSE

West Chester Protective Gear will be at Booth #1305 at the ASSE Show in Atlanta, Georgia.See our new products and speak with our knowledgeable staff. Sunday, June 26, 3 p.m. - Tuesday, June 28 3 p.m.Sunday, June 26 3:00PM - 5:30PM Monday,…
715SNFFO Gloves

NEW Full-Hand Liquid Protection (715SNFFO)

This glove stands out, not only because the bright orange color provides full-hand high visibility. The orange nylon shell provides a comfortable fit, while the full-hand orange flat nitrile coating improves dexterity and tactility. This glove…
hvg710snf gloves

Don't Miss Our Barracuda Cut Force Glove with A8 Protection (HVG710SNF)

The Barracuda Cut Force glove is designed to prevent injuries from cuts. It is made from engineered yarn and Lycra to provide both comfort and ANSI A8 level protection. In addition, this glove provides a high-contrast, high-vis green on the…
713HGWUB Gloves

Barracuda Just Got Better!

How do you make one the bestselling, most reliable cut gloves in the market even better?  Meet the Barracuda Impact.  This rugged PHHE glove has the same comfortable and sturdy shell with ANSI cut 2 protection, and the same PU palm coating…
Jim Kunik

West Chester Protective Gear Welcomes Jim Kunik

Please join us in welcoming Jim Kunik, as our new Vice President of Industrial Sales.  Jim is a proven leader with 25 years of experience in driving profitable sales growth, P&L management and business development.  Jim will be instrumental…
713SUMO Gloves

NEW! Sumo Grip (713SUMO)

Injected-Molded Grip Technology So Big It's SumoThe Sumo Grip glove gives you seriously enhanced grip on the job.  Sumo grip is made with injection-molded grip technology that is so huge, we decided to name it after the largest athletes…
87810 Gloves

NEW! R2 Oil & Gas Gloves

R2 Reinforced Comfort Impact (87810)This new multi-purpose high dexterity glove packs a lot of features at a reasonable price.  It features soft and supple 4 ml TPR along the full length of the fingers as well as on the knuckles and…