715SBWRND Sandy Nitrile Knuckle Dipped Glove

This west Chester protective gear, 715BWRND  glove is a brushed acrylic seamless string knit glove. The glove is equip with a sandy nitrile coating, allowing for you to have the best grip in all weather conditions. An elastic knit wrist helps keep heat in and the cold along with dirt and debris. For more information. 

Featured Product 87812


The R2 Insulated Corded-Palm Rigger Glove is lined for warmth. It comes with a waterproof lining to keep your hands dry. The cotton corded palm provides excellent grip in oily conditions. The 4-way stretch spandex on the back of hand makes for a comfortable glove with a TPR knuckle, finger and back of hand for impact protection. The thumb saddle reinforcement is extended up the side of the index finger for added coverage against wear and tear, and extends the life of the glove. A neoprene hook-and-loop cuff with spandex provides added comfort and the perfect fit. For more information.

89301 Featured Product

West Chester Protective Gear 89301 EXTREME WORK™ MULTI-PLEX™

The bonus feature on our Extreme Work™ Multi-PleX™ gloves is the padded palm. Reduce the stress from hammering, machinery and other hits, or be more comfortable when carrying heavy items. Who doesn’t need help lightening the load? For more information.