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Customizable High-Visibility Apparel

Construction zones and work areas, where accidents and injuries are an everyday concern, demand the highest quality, high-visibility apparel. To reduce the incidence of on-the-job accidents and injury, construction, roadway, maintenance, public safety, and factory workers need to be easy to spot – even in low-light conditions, at night, in the rain, and in other challenging environments.

West Chester Protective Gear is now making it easier for workers to viz up and stand out. West Chester is now launching a new line of fully customizable high-visibility apparel aimed at keeping workers safe. The new hi-viz gear includes vests, shirts, outerwear and rainwear, to accommodate workers in any environment.

Whatever your need, West Chester offers a broad array of economy, classic, breakaway, surveyor’s and color blocking styles. The vests and shirts are wicking, to keep you dry and comfortable. They come in a wide variety of configurations, with many options for storage. Standard and oversized pockets allow workers to store smaller cell phones, pens and notebooks, as well as larger tablet-sized electronics. Ladies’ vest sizes are also offered.

Quality has been a hallmark of West Chester’s safety products since its inception, and the entire hi-viz line is independently tested by 3rd part testing centers in the United States to ensure they meet the ANSI/ISEA 107 standards. West Chester offers class 3, class 2, class 1 and enhanced-visibility options.

For organizations that want to place logos on work apparel to drive awareness or even as a team-building initiative, West Chester’s in-house Custom Shop enables customers to order their hi-viz apparel just the way they want it. Customization is available within 7 to 10 business days to get businesses moving quickly. Try West Chester’s free online customization portal allows logos to be quickly uploaded, saving time on the ordering process.

West Chester’s experienced sales team offers support to help ensure that workers are outfitted in the hi-viz garments that are optimal for their specific applications.

With 40 years of experience in the safety industry, West Chester Protective Gear is known as a leader in industrial hand protection, rainwear and disposable clothing. Now, West Chester is committed to bringing the same quality, expertise and value to the high-visibility apparel category. Interested businesses can find out more about the new hi-viz line by contacting their West Chester distributor. Viz up and stand out your way – with hi-viz from West Chester.